• The Korean Language Culture Academy, founded in 1992,

    operates to help people succeed in the correct and educated language-life and spreading of correct linguistic rules. There are not only 'lectures in the Korean Language Culture Academy', but also 'visiting lecture outside the Korean Language Culture Academy', by which teachers visit institutes or organizations located at every region in Korea and give lectures.

    - The reference: The Korean Language and Culture School in
       National Institution of Korean Language
    - Telephone: (02)2669-9752, 2669-9729, 2669-9723, 9736
    - FAX: (02)2669-9747, 9787

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Lecture in the Korean Language Culture Academy

The Korean Language Culture Academy offers various learning programs for public officials, teachers and the general public. Each course is designed with specialized curriculum and schedule according to participants. Teachers are provided with 30-hour course for 5 days, and public officials and the general public with 35-hour course for 5 days. The detailed curriculum offered by the Korean Language Culture Academy is as follows. At the linguistic norm class, participants can learn about orthography, spacing words, the standard language, the notation of loan words and Romanization of Korean. At the writing class, the writing of correct sentence, the writing of correct official documents, the practice of plain Korean language, and the writing of a dissertation are taught. The speaking class consists of the standard pronunciation, language-etiquette, debate and discussion, effective speaking, and one-minute speeches.

Visiting lecture outside the Korean Language Culture Academy

If more than 30 people want to take the classes, teacher visit and give lectures on the date when they applied in advance.