Improving the environment of using the Korean language for smooth communication

Improving public language for increasing social communication

Improving the quality of public language such as administration terms and languages used in broadcasting

Supporting public communication by standardizing technical terminologies

Researching standardization of language etiquettes, such as titles, terms, and honorific language

Supporting for Public Language

Supporting for changing the public language (e.g., cultural properties, exhibition guides, legal documents, and policy terms) to make it easier for the people to understand

Translating Public Terms

Supporting smooth communication with foreign visitors by standardizing translations of cultural terms used in the public sector, such as station names, road names, cultural property names, etc. (

Refining the Korean Language

Operating the website for Refining the Korean Language (

Announcing plain Korean language refined from difficult Sino-Korean words and unfamiliar foreign language by the general public and experts

Publishing magazines of Korean language

Publishing and distributing quarterly magazine New Life with Korean and online newsletter Comma, Period.

Developing Korean Sign Language and Braille Education Courses and Textbooks

Developing Korean sign language education courses and textbooks at various levels and targets

Developing Korean Braille education courses aimed at nurturing professional Korean Braille translators and proofreaders

Publishing a manual for revised Korean Braille rules

Revising Korean Sign Language Dictionaries

Building a Korean sign language corpus and revising Korean sign language dictionaries

Building and distributing videos about Korean culture in Korean sign language

Linguistic welfare for linguistically neglected classes of people

Developing Korean language pronunciation textbook and workbook CD for North Korean refugees

Planning programs to reduce discriminative language culture habits