Constructing a convenient language-life environment

Providing a standard to solve inconvenience in using language

Planning effective management of linguistic rules through evaluation of linguistic rules

Continuing actualization of linguistic standards such as allowing the plural standard words, revising punctuation marks guidelines

Standardizing notation of new loan words

Increasing the efficiency of communication for the public by efficiently managing and distributing the rules of spoken and written Korean language

Improving the convenience for the public by enhancing online search function to find romanization of Korean words and loanword orthography

Deploying a system to decide the correct spelling of loanwords

Integrated Korean language information search engine service

Managing linguistic rules, notation of loan words, dictionaries and other Korean language-related materials and search engine service

Reinforcing the user approach to the Korean language information service and enhancing the user's convenience

Providing integrated information of the Korean language including the 21st Century Sejong Plan (

Korean language-life counseling center for the Korean language-related inquiries

Providing answers to questions relating to the Korean language on Ganada Phoneline

Operating the online Korean language-life counseling center (