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Planning and Operations Division

  • Managing security and official seals
  • Implementing document delivery, control, publication and preservation, and managing records
  • Keeping a fixed number of employees
  • Assisting government employees in terms of hiring, employing, education, training, pension, salary, and other HR matters
  • Establishing and adjusting project plans, and evaluating and analyzing them
  • Performing tasks related to the National Assembly
  • Managing budgeting, accounting and financial settlement
  • Managing public property and supplies; Preparing for an audit
  • Managing and protecting the NIKL building and facilities
  • Producing and distributing Korean language-relatedx promotional materials
  • Any other matters that are not handled by other divisions

Language Usage Review Division

  • Supporting public institutions to use clear language for effective communication and publicness
  • Improving the quality of language used by newspapers, broadcasts, and websites
  • Translating technical terminology into plain Korean language
  • Standardizing translation of public terms into foreign languages
  • Researching the actual conditions of the environment for use of Korean language
  • Encouraging the public to use proper and more refined Korean language

Education and Training Division

  • Establishing Korean language-related education and training plans
  • Developing Korean language-related education and training courses
  • Operating Korean Language Culture Academy
  • Providing Korean language education training and assistance to Korean language related institutions and personnel
  • Measuring and improving language performance
  • Operating Korean language reference library

Language Research Division

  • Researching and studying on Korean language and linguistics related laws and systems
  • Generating and gathering statistic of policies related to Korean language and linguistics
  • Researching and studying on language, letters, and the norms of the Korean language
  • Investigating Korean language in terms of chronological changes, regional and social dialects, and communication among members of a social group
  • Conducting a study on the unification and homogenization of languages spoken by South and North Korea
  • Conducting academic exchange in Korean language-related fields domestically and internationally
  • Providing inquiry service on the language usage in daily life

Language Information and Resources Division

  • Studying and researching on the actual conditions of informatization and standardization of Korean language and letters
  • Building and managing language and letter information resources, and operating IT department
  • Compiling and publishing various Korean language-related dictionaries
  • Collecting, managing, researching, studying, and publishing documents and materials for language and letters
  • Cooperating and supporting the area of language informatization

Korean Language Promotion Division

  • Conducting the basic research for supporting the education of Korean language in and out of the country
  • Developing and disseminating Korean language textbooks and educational materials
  • Developing and operating Korean language educational training courses
  • Granting the certificate in Korean language teaching to the eligible
  • Supporting exchange and cooperation between Korean language teachers and training institutions

Korean Sign Language and Korean Braille Promotion Division

  • Developing a mid & long-term plan and conducting research and study on Korean sign language and Korean Braille
  • Implementing informatization and standardization of Korean sign language and Korean Braille, and conducing compilation and publication of various related dictionaries
  • Providing education and training for Korean sign language and Korean Braille, nurturing the professionals, and granting the certificate in the fields
  • Providing inquiry service on Korean sign language and Korean Braille
  • Promoting Korean sign language and Korean Braille domestically and internationally, and encouraging the private sector to use them
  • Managing documents and materials related to Korean sign language and Korean Braille
  • Developing, disseminating and managing education courses, textbooks and materials for Korean sign language and Korean Braille