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  • Improving the environment of using the Korean language for smooth communication
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Improving public language for increasing social communication

  • Improving the quality of public language such as administration terms and languages used in broadcasting
  • Supporting public communication by standardizing technical terminologies
  • Researching standardization of language etiquettes, such as titles, terms, and honorific language

Supporting for Public Language

  • Supporting for changing the public language (e.g., cultural properties, exhibition guides, legal documents, and policy terms) to make it easier for the people to understand

Translating Public Terms

  • Supporting smooth communication with foreign visitors by standardizing translations of cultural terms used in the public sector, such as station names, road names, cultural property names, etc. (http://publang.korean.go.kr)

Refining the Korean Language

  • Operating the website for Refining the Korean Language (https://publang.korean.go.kr/)
  • Announcing plain Korean language refined from difficult Sino-Korean words and unfamiliar foreign language by the general public and experts

Publishing magazines of Korean language

  • Publishing and distributing quarterly magazine New Life with Korean and online newsletter Comma, Period.

Developing Korean Sign Language and Braille Education Courses and Textbooks

  • Developing Korean sign language education courses and textbooks at various levels and targets
  • Developing Korean Braille education courses aimed at nurturing professional Korean Braille translators and proofreaders
  • Publishing a manual for revised Korean Braille rules

Revising Korean Sign Language Dictionaries

  • Building a Korean sign language corpus and revising Korean sign language dictionaries
  • Building and distributing videos about Korean culture in Korean sign language

Linguistic welfare for linguistically neglected classes of people

  • Developing Korean language pronunciation textbook and workbook CD for North Korean refugees
  • Planning programs to reduce discriminative language culture habits