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  • Constructing a convenient language-life environment
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Providing a standard to solve inconvenience in using language

  • Planning effective management of linguistic rules through evaluation of linguistic rules
  • Continuing actualization of linguistic standards such as allowing the plural standard words, revising punctuation marks guidelines
  • Standardizing notation of new loan words

Increasing the efficiency of communication for the public by efficiently managing and distributing the rules of spoken and written Korean language

  • Improving the convenience for the public by enhancing online search function to find romanization of Korean words and loanword orthography
  • Deploying a system to decide the correct spelling of loanwords

Integrated Korean language information search engine service

  • Managing linguistic rules, notation of loan words, dictionaries and other Korean language related materials
  • and search engine service
  • Reinforcing the user approach to the Korean language information service and enhancing the user's convenience
  • Providing integrated information of the Korean language including the 21st Century Sejong Plan (https://ithub.korean.go.kr)

Korean language-life counseling center for the Korean language related inquiries

  • Providing answers to questions relating to the Korean language on 'Ganada Phoneline'
  • Operating the 'online Korean language-life counseling center' (http://www.korean.go.kr/ganada)